Congratulations to Maddison and Preston on their recent adoptions.... to date CPK Rescuers has rescued 282 CPK's and re-adopted 164 YAAAY!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

For all the little girls fighting cancer

This is way too cute not to share with you all!!

Update on Michelle and James in Texas

 Here is Michelle ( Maddisons' CPK) in support of James... wearing James' beret
 James sporting his new fatigues
Preston with his CPK James

Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Special Adoption

 Preston and Maddison receive their CPK's at Christmas... We at CPK Rescuers are so excited for Joleen and Jack to finally receive the love they deserve....  Congratulations Preston and Maddison <3

 Preston has renamed Jack :) His new name is James <3

 Maddison has renamed Joleen <3 :) Her new name is Michelle

Another wonderful adoption. All the CPK's at headquarters are so happy for Preston/James and Maddison/Michelle... They send CPK love to you all <3

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year 2012

A HUGE Happy New Year to all ... It's been an awesome year for us here at Headquarters. Rescuer Jen and Rescuer Peter are so excited to be starting another year :)  We've  met some truely wonderful people in our first year of CPK Rescuers and we would like to thank everyone who has been a part of it...

Thank you & A Very Happy New Year to you and your CPKs

                           All our love Peter & Jen

A Special Anniversary for Rescuer Jen & Madeliene

This Christmas marked the 29th anniversary of the day Rescuer Jen and Madeliene were first introduced. Madeliene has been with Jen everyday since then and has become one of the most important things in Jen's life. Madeliene is a very special CPK and is the reason CPK Rescuers all came about...
Happy Anniversary Rescuer Jen & Madeliene!!

Madeliene and Jen, Christmas 1983  

     Madeliene and Jen today, Christmas 2012

CPK Rescuers Christmas

Rescuer Jen and Rescuer Peter, along with all the kids at CPK Headquarters, would like to wish you and your CPK's the warmest wishes for the holiday season! Althou we didnt receive many pictures of what your wonderful CPKs got up to on Christmas we felt we should share a few of ours :)

The Kids are all ready to open up their presents.

   Madeliene overwhelmed and not sure just what present to start with!

   Bennet and Madeliene are checking out their new slippers.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

CPK's on their way to Haiti

The BEST kind of love at Christmas...  CPK Rescuers, are sending 100 CPK's to St. Damiens Hospital in Port Au Prince, Haiti, for all the children there... Now THAT is CPK love ♥   Rescuers Jen and Peter are so excited for the kids to receive their CPK's. We will post pictures later of all the smiles once they are received by the children

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Where we have been & a REALLY awesome nomination!!

HI ALL!!!!
It's been a while, huh?  We have been SO busy with life, work and family the passed few months!  As most of you know, Peter's mom, Rita, has terminal bone cancer.  ALL of our free time is spent with her.  If you haven't read her story, click HERE to get to know her and her wonderful husband, Graham.

Rita's health has been good, but not great.  We know what we have to expect, and are SO blessed to be able to spend as much time as we can with her and Graham.  It's times like this that make us thankful for family AND our CPKs - because they sure have been giving so and getting some good love lately!

We haven't stopped CPK Rescuers, it's just slowed down a bit!  We have had about 100 donations from several amazing people around the US, and are SO appreciative of it!  Most of them, you haven't even seen on the blog, because we want to get the Kids that have been with us for a while, into good, loving homes, first!  We are at the point where we can't even accept donations right now, because we have SO many!

Kids are still going out, and finding GREAT homes!  In fact, we are in talks with a friend that helps with orphans in Haiti, and some very special children there will be receiving CPKs from CPK Rescuers!

Jen has started a business and blog for couponing and deals (  and blogs ALL day, so it's hard to change back and forth to CPK Rescuers!  But, now that she's gotten into the swing of things, she will make more time for CPK Rescuers, too.

Tonight, we got this INCREDIBLE email, where someone (Helen Mullins) nominated Jen for Yahoo's Women Who Shine:
How incredibly flattering, sweet and thoughtful!  Thank you SO much, Helen!  Jen is sincerely touched!

We will definitely be trying to keep up with the blog and Facebook more often!  Thank you ALL for your continued love and support!  Keep on hugging your CPKs, and letting us of people that you know that could use some CPK lovin'!!

Jen & Peter

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Important Message From Rescuer Peter!

Hi Everyone!  It's Rescuer Peter from CPK Headquarters.  We've had an amazing year and are so thankful for the contributions and interest in our organization!  

I wanted to say a short note on CPK re-adoption: 
Our cause is to appeal to people in NEED of CPK love.  Not collectors, and not people that just want them because they are free.  Our organization has re-adopted to people like:  a 5 year old girl with Leukemia, a 9 year old being bullied in school, a 15 year old seeking comfort for the loss of her father, a 30 year old diagnosed with multiple illnesses, a 60 year old with depression and a 73 year old with terminal cancer, as well as many other wonderful people that have contacted us and maintain a great friendship with us. 

We also have an ongoing relationship with a women's shelter and an orphanage in Guatemala.

So, as you can see, CPK Rescuers is an organization that targets people in special situations that seek the comfort and love that only a CPK can give them.  We are so appreciative of the wonderful people we stay in contact with that re-adopt and donate!  I just want to re-iterate that this organization is not for collectors to enhance their collections and not for people that just want to take advantage of a free Cabbage Patch Kid.  

Thanks again to EVERYONE for their support and interest!  Here's to another wonderful year of CPK Love!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012


CPK Rescuers has officially been operating for a full year now!  We couldn't be happier about the smiles that the rescued CPKs have been able to put on some very special people's faces over the last year!  Here's to many more years of CPK rescues that are donated to give extra love, hugs and comfort!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Ring the alarm! a new kid was adopted last night! Kennedy has been Re-Adopted!

Kennedy is so excited to have a first class ticket a sweet little country under the equator!  Sweet lil 9 year old Emma decided Kennedy needed to be with her! Have a safe flight lil one! We Will miss you, but know that you have a well deserved home in Australia with Emma!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Show and Tell Time!

Charlene Mason sent us these adorable photos of her CPKs and her!

These photos are adorable! enjoy them and thank you Charlene for sending them in to show us how happy they are with you!

RE-ADOPTED Going to Canada!

                    Hi everyone! Last night we had a Re-adoption of this cute little cupcake!

Alecia was donated by a wonderful lady named Nancy in June, 2012.  She is a beautiful dark skinned, dark eyed and dark hair little CPK with one cute dimple!  Alecia is a big music fan.  She will hum or sing whenever she can, and loves to try new musical instruments.  She likes everything from the classics:  Ella Fitzgeral to Dean country, rap, classical and classic rock.  Besides music, Alecia loves to play school, and really likes being the student!  Her favorite foods are oranges, oatmeal raisin cookies and chocolate malts!  Alecia's birthday is January 3rd. 

Nikki C. in Vancouver, BC Canada decided that she needed little Alecia! Alecia's bags are packed and she cant wait for her new home!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Old Commericals

 The kids thought very one would enjoy! the kids love recreating them!

Cabbage Patch Kids MLB
Cabbage Patch Kids
Just a few to share with you! hope you enjoy. Remember to Check out our Re- ADOPTION page and see if you want to take home a special kid to hug for your self or some one close to you.
Email Us at
and check out the facebook page:

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hey folks, this is 


she is up for adoption and spotlight this week. every night Alecia goes to bed hoping for the day a precious kiddo will take her home and love her. 

Alecia was donated by a wonderful lady named Nancy in June, 2012.  She is a beautiful dark skinned, dark eyed and dark hair little CPK with one cute dimple!  Alecia is a big music fan.  She will hum or sing whenever she can, and loves to try new musical instruments.  She likes everything from the classics:  Ella Fitzgeral to Dean country, rap, classical and classic rock.  Besides music, Alecia loves to play school, and really likes being the student!  Her favorite foods are oranges, oatmeal raisin cookies and chocolate malts!  Alecia's birthday is January 3rd. 

will you be the lucky person to adopt Alecia? shoot a email to telling us why you deserve to have her in your life. do you need  help thru the tough times or a partner to sit there with you at  treatments or just a friend to listen. She is the lucky gal for you!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Clover And Her New Home!

Little 2 year old Luccianna re-adopted Clover in June, after carefully perusing the Headquarters crib.  She checked out each CPK in the crib, and decided on Clover....and now Clover gets more hugs than she could have imagined!  Happy stories like this is why CPK Rescuers is a success!

This CPK Needs A Name!

We are delighted when we receive a new donation!  Rescuers Jen and Peter were at a garage sale, and were handed this little blonde-haired, blue-eyed cutie, after explaining how CPK Rescuers works.  Not only does she now need a new home....she needs a name!

When CPKs are brought to Headquarters, they aren't just given random names. Each name is picked specifically for each Kid, after careful inspection and an interview.  :)  We decide on each name as it "fits" each CPK.

Now, fellow, CPK's your turn to help pick a name!

This little princess needs a name!  What do you think it should be?  To suggest her new name, you can:

Comment below in the comment section of this post
Comment on the Facebook Page Post
Email us:

We are so excited to hear your suggestions, and even more excited to find out where this sweet little girl's new home will be in the future!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rescuer Peter's Story

          Hey there fellow CPK lovers. I'm Rescuer Peter. I wanted to take a minute to tell you my story about Bennet (my CPK )....  As you know from Rescuer Jen's Story about her CPK, Madeliene's Story . Jen and I started CPK Rescuers because of Madeliene and the love that she has given Jen for the last 29 years . I've grown so fond of Madeliene over the last couple years and thought this might be something  I would be interested in (a CPK of my own).

         While visiting a fund raiser/flea market in Bellingham, looking to rescue some CPK's we found 3 beautiful CPK's. Two girls and a boy. I instantly found myself quite attached to the boy CPK (Bennet). 

        I had never, in a million years, ever think I would have a "doll" !!! But this was different. Bennet gives great hugs and is always there for me when I'm having a difficult day. It only seemed right that I, as a Rescuer, have a CPK of my own. I just never, ever thought that he would mean as much as he does to me.

       Bennet has been a welcome addition to my life. He is my best friend, and never argues or talks back.... he just loves me unconditionally as I do him. Rescuer Jen and myself have since found homes for several of the CPK's at Headquarters to close family members, including my Mom who has terminal bone cancer and can always use hugs and cuddles . Please check out her story; Rita's Story

                                                         Mom with her CPK Nuller

       Since Mom's re-adoption of Nuller, we have also re-adopted CPK's to my Dad and 2 daughters as well as many many friends. They really do have special healing powers and give awesome hugs.

                                                 My daughter, Krystal with her CPK Liesl

                                                      Rescuer Peter with Bennet

                       So you see, it's not that strange for a grown man to have a CPK :)     


If you have the new "Timeline" Facebook platform (everyone will, soon), you may be missing our updates!  Here's a simple, quick fix to be sure you're seeing everything new we are posting:

1).  Go to CPK Rescuers Facebook Page

2).  Hover over the "LIKED" box until you see the following:

3).  Be sure to check "Show in News Feed"

4).  That's IT!  You'll be updated every time we post something new on our Facebook!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Donate to Win Vintage CPK Items!

CPK Rescuers is funded SOLEY by donations from generous individuals, and its Rescuers.  Money donated is used to cover the shipping costs, when a re-adopter cannot afford them.  We definitely try our hardest to help out when we can!  We hold raffles like these to try to generate funds to put in our  "Shipping Waiver" account, so that re-adopters that are struggling financially, can get a break.

Please help us to find homes for the CPKs at Headquarters, by donating to CPK Rescuers!
We are approaching our 100 Rescues of CPKs, with more being rescued every day!  So far, 51 CPKs have been re-adopted and sent out to loving homes and brought smiles to the faces of their re-adopters!  

Rescuer Anntoinette in Texas, generously donated these 3 vintage items to be raffled off!  Here's what you can win:

(1) Vintage CPK cake pan from 1984 
(2) First Edition Posable CPKs in their original boxes from 1984
How can you win these?  It's simple!  
1) Donate!  For every donation you make (no minimum - any help is very much appreciated!), you'll receive an entry!

2) Share the link to this post:
On Facebook, Google+ and/or Twitter
For every share, you'll receive another entry!  After you've shared the link, just email us HERE and let us know where you shared it!

Every little bit counts, especially since USPS Flat Rate Box prices have gone up this year.  To send one CPK to a loving new home, it costs about $11.  This raffle will continue for 1 month, so that you can rack up the raffle entries! :)  It will end on Saturday, June 30, 2012 and the winner will be announced here on the blog and on our Facebook Page!

THANK YOU for your donations and support of CPK Rescuers!!!  And a HUGE thank you to Rescuer Anntoinette for giving these items!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Tracey in Maine re-adopted Tanner and Carl (she re-named "CJ) and they are happily loved now and living in Maine!  She sent in this adorable picture of them with their sisters!  We are all so pleased and excited for Tracey!  She's taking wonderful care of them!

From left to right, CJ, Daisy, Juliana, Maggie and Tanner! How CUTE!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


We are nearing our 100 rescues mark...and that's SO exciting for us!  With almost 50 re-adoptions, we are absolutely so delighted that CPK Rescuers is thriving!  

Check out the latest additions to our Headquarters family....where you can scroll through and find the perfect CPK for you or a loved one that really needs extra hugs!

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